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Jobme flips the script on the hiring process.  As a job seeker just post yourself on jobme and let employers find you! It takes less than 2 minutes to create a profile providing a quick snapshot of the job you are seeking. Include a short video, photo or remain anonymous.

Promote yourself and let employers contact you through the Jobme app keeping your personal contact information private.  Your profile will contain the types of jobs that interest you, how far you are willing to travel, your education, certifications and a brief “about me” summary.  Take charge of your career, post yourself on Jobme today!

Attention Employers!
Do away with the boring task of sorting through endless resumes and find candidates local to you that are looking exactly for the job you are offering. The Jobme service is fast, fun and free.  You will find a snapshot of candidates that have taken the initiative to find a job.

Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love Jobme

Record 10 Second Video

Promote yourself! With Jobme you can record up to a 10 second video to introduce yourself to potential employers.

Jobme Video Capture Features

Capture using mobile device

Preview before posting

Easily re-record

Local Matters

With Jobme you can post the distance you are willing to travel for a job. Employers love to know you're local. It really does matter!
Display the distance you are willing to travel

Reach local employers

Change or edit distance anytime

Pick Multiple Job Categories

It's super easy to choose multiple job categories that interest you. All the jobs you choose will display on your profile.

Flexible Job Categories

Choose multiple jobs that interest you

Employers can search by job type

Edit or add more categories anytime

Create Private Profile

Want to stay anonymous? No problem. A video or photo is not required. We respect your privacy.

Designed With Privacy

Video or photo is not required

First name is only displayed

Email contact does not reveal your email to employers

Email Notifications

When employers are interested they will send out an email to initiate contact. It is simple easy and very fast results.

Employer Communication

Employer can instantly contact candidates

Candidate email is not revealed to Employer

Promote Yourself

Write a brief summary to share your goals, drive and experience with a potential employer.

In Your Own Words

Share your goals

Provide brief overview of past experience

Grab the attention of a potential employer

Great Features For Employers

Great Screens

Easy To Use, Quick To Post

Who Are We

A Vision For How Finding A Job Should Work

It starts with the idea that mobile changes everything. We felt that Internet job boards were just an extension of the classified print model. This job centric approach is tired inefficient and very boring. Our focus is on the job seeker! We champion the candidate by empowering you with a platform for self-promotion. The Jobme mobility solution offers unique advantages. It is easy to capture a video or photo to add to your profile and GPS location services make Jobme local for both employer and candidate. We are excited to offer you an entirely new way to find your next great job.

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